Top 10 Best Ant Killers in 2020

Ants are one of those insects who will find a way into your house no matter how hard you try to keep them out. Especially when you are living in areas which have more parks with ant colonies, avoiding them seems almost impossible. These ants do not only mess up with your food but can also carry germs and make the whole place unhygienic. There are many ant killers available in the market. Some of them are liquid baits, some are used as sprays and some very good electric killers are also available in the market. In this article, we are going to talk about getting rid of your ant’s problem and that you will get yourself introduced with top 10 best ant killers in 2020.

Who needs to buy ant killers?

Literally anyone who is annoyed with ants in the house, office or literally any place needs to buy these ant killers. They come in for cheap prices and get the job effectively done.

Comparison Table: Top 10 best ant killers in 2020

Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits 

Top 10 Best Ant Killers

If the stupid ants has taken over your house and have driven you crazy, take a deep breath and have a look at this one of most reliable ant killers in the market. These liquid baits will get all the ants attention and will kill them instantly. No more stealing your food and no more ruling dictating your house. Get your control back with this amazing and cheap ant killer and get rid of the little monsters.

These liquid baits are very easy to use, all you need to do is place them where ants are spotted and it will take care of the rest. Ants enter the trap, consume the liquid ant bait, then return to the nest where they pass on the bait to the rest of the colony. This ant killer takes two to three days to kill ants giving them enough time to pass it on to their fellow ants. This liquid ant killer does not dry out and will make sure ants keep on consuming it.


  • kills all common household ants
  • Pre-filled, ready-to-use bait stations
  • Patented design prevents bait from drying out
  • Attracts ants fast


  • Takes a little time, does not work instantly

Terro 2 oz Liquid Ant Killer

Top 10 Best Ant Killers

What season is it? Season to go on a war with ants? If you thought the odds were not on your side as you have tried some ant killers, you need to rethink and get your hands on this incredible product. It had to make into our top 10 best ant killers in 2020 reviews for all the good reasons. This liquid bait has specially been designed to attract all kinds of house ants. It uses the active ingredient Borax- to give the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony.

All you need to do is just place the liquid baits on the boards provided in the package and your work here is done. The ant killer will deal with the little beasts and you will not see them again. At first, ants will come in large numbers, but don’t worry – they will soon disappear. The product is specifically formulated to allow worker ants to consume the product and survive long enough to carry the liquid back to the nest and deliver a dose to the rest of the colony.


  • kills all common household ants
  • Kills the ants you see and the ants you don’t
  • Worker ants deliver a lethal dose to the rest of the colony


  • Might need to use 3-4 times
  • Attract the ants first so you will have more ants at the start

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Home and Patio Spray

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Home and Patio Spray 32 oz Lemongrass

Be it ants, cockroaches or any kind s of bugs, you don’t need to deal with them separately with different products. Get yourself this convenient spray and your house will be a living hell for the bugs. It is very easy to use and kills on the spot. You will not have to wait as you do in the case of liquid baits.  One of the best things about this product is that it is not made of any toxic chemical and uses natural ingredients to get rid of the pests.

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It is completely safe to use in food prep areas which gives you extra peace of mind. It works very well for ants, roaches, stink bugs, spiders, moths, scorpions, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, ticks, mites and over 100 more bugs! It even kills insects, eggs and larvae. It is not suitable to use on plants though. The bottle contains enough liquid to be used for a 400 sq ft or the perimeter of a 2000 sq ft home.


  • kills and repels over 100 home-invading pests
  • works fast without toxic chemicals. kid-safe & mom-approved
  • organic & aroma therapeutic
  • comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Smells a bit but works fine
  • Used on the spot

Terro T600 Ant Killer

TERRO T600 Ant Killer Dust,1lb

This product has been around for a long time now and the reason it keeps on coming is the trust customers have on it. It is a highly rated ant killer which works like a magic. All you will need to do is pour the dust on the spot and you will never see those ants again. This waterproof dust won’t wash away in the rain and will remain effective up to eight months. It works perfectly well for all kinds of ants.

For the treatment of ants, apply the ant dust to ant trails, around doors, windows and other places where ants are found entering the premises. This product comes with a whole set of instructions making sure you get rid of those little bastards once and for all. You can use this ant killer indoors as well as outdoors. Any place where you don’t want to see any ants crawling, this ant killer is all you need.


  • Kills ants on contact
  • Provides long-lasting residual control up to eight months
  • Waterproof, won’t wash away in rain
  • Ideal for crack and crevice treatments
  • Convenient to use


  • Toxic but super effective

TERRO T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes

Terro T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes - 8 Count (0.25 oz each)

Another remarkable ant killer which promises to destroy your annoying little enemies to their bases. This liquid bait will make ants to consume it and take it back to their colonies and before they know it, they would all be dead for good. Getting rid of the ants is as easy as a piece of cake with this amazing ant killer. All you need to do is put the pre-filled stakes into the ground new the ants and your work is done.

This ant killer is most effective because it targets the worker ants which take down the whole colony with them. The worker ants are drawn to the sweet liquid in the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. It kills them slowly giving them enough time to take the bait back to the colony. All those marching ants in and out your house will be well taken care of and you will not see them again. It is an affordable ant killer and gets the job done. No reason why you should not be buying it.


  • Weatherproof and ready to use
  • Attracts and kills all kinds of ants
  • Targets worker ants


  • Not working as desired for some customers

TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits, 3-Packs of 6 Baits Each

These are the bestselling ant killers that you are going to come across in the market. The pack might seem to be a little costly to you but once you use it, you will never regret spending money on it. These ant killer baits are placed where the ants are spotted. Ants enter the trap, consume the liquid ant bait and return to the nest where they pass on the bait to the rest of the colony.

It woks exactly the same way as our previously reviewed liquid bait ant killers. These liquid bait ant killers will not dry out and they work perfectly fine at day and night time. In a couple of days, you will see that your house has been liberated of the vicious ants. You will need to monitor the baits but no need to interfere with either the bait or the ants. You will get rid of them both before you know it.


  • ready-to-use bait stations with fast-acting formula
  • kills all common household ants
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • Patented design


  • It can be slightly messy and sticky
  • Takes some time to work
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Harris Borax Liquid Ant Killer

Harris Borax Liquid Ant Killer, 3 Ounces with 9 Bait Trays

A very cheap ant killer that you would fancy having in your house in order to get rid of the ants. Tis liquid kills the queen along with the whole colony.  It works by slowly interfering with the ant’s digestive system, leading to death. The time that it takes for the liquid to ultimately kill the ant allows it time to travel back to the colony and share the bait with other ants.

Ants consuming bait will also leave a pheromone trail that alerts others of the bait’s location. It takes 48 hours to kill ants and up to two weeks to kill the whole colony. Therefore, have some patience and you will get rid of the ants once and for all. Place the bait trays near the ants and that is all you needed to be done.


  • Ants seek out the sweet liquid bait and bring it back to the colony
  • Works for all kinds of ants
  • Registered with environment protection
  • Kills the queen and the colony


  • Takes some time to work

Terro 3 lb Ant Killer Plus 

Not only does it deals with the ants but also takes care of cockroaches, fleas and other little monsters. This is a must to have ant killer which is actually more of an insect killer. Having this in your house means you have all the protection you need from their invasion. The powerful ant killer granules kill pests on contact and provide long-lasting residual repellency. It does not work like liquid baits which means you will not have to wait. It kills the ants on spot.


  • Kills ants, fire ants, cockroaches, fleas and other insects
  • Fast-acting granules kill insects in 24 hours
  • No spreader required


  • Works outdoors only

SOHOUR Ultrasonic Insect Killer

SOHOUR Ultrasonic Insect Killer- [2018 UPGRADED]. Repels Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Rats, Bugs, Fruit Fly, Cockroaches and More, No More Insect Sprayers & Mouse Trap (2 pack)

This is how our best rated ant killer looks like. This is an era of technology and there is no way technology hasn’t figured out the way of dealing with insects. No need to place baits or use toxic chemicals. All you need to do is get yourself this small electronic device and you will not see any kind of insects at your place. It also comes for an incredibly low price which will totally lure you into buying it. There is not a single reason why you should not go for this ant killer.


  • Uses latest chip technology
  • Wide application and coverage
  • Safe and eco-friendly


  • Will need more than one device in case of a bigger house

EcoRaider Ant Killer & Crawling Insect Killer 

EcoRaider Ant Killer & Crawling Insect Killer (Citrus Scent) 16 OZ, Natural & Non-Toxic

Last but not the least, this magical sprays is one of the most convenient ways of getting rid of not only ants but many other insects as well. It is not toxic and has been made by using natural ingredients. With a unique mode of action, ecoraider is effective on even pesticide resistant insect populations. Ecoraider’s effectiveness is lab-and-field-proven. Study from Purdue University confirmed that it kills 100% of tested ants within 1 minute. Not only ecoraider kills fast, it also breaks down ants’ trailing activity and prevents them from re-grouping and re-entry of the treated area.


  • Works pretty fast and effective
  • Uses bio-insecticide technology
  • Toxin-free and dermatologically safe


  • Strong smell
  • Slightly expensive

Care and maintenance of ant killers

Although most of the ant killers available these days are not toxic however, they all should still be dealt with care. They must be kept away from children and pets. Make sure to follow the instructions properly on how to use the ant killers and only that way you can get the best out of them. Also keep in mind that some ant killers are either only for indoor or outdoor use.

Shopping Guide for ant killers

There is no rocket science involved in getting yourself a decent ant killer which will take care of your ant problems. However, there are many types of ant killers in the market and not all of them are as effective as you would like. Our top 10 best ant killers in 2020 are the most trusted products in the market. Here is what a decent ant killer should offer;

Non-Toxic: It is a huge plus if your ant killer is not toxic. You will have to take less care of it and will not have to worry about the pets and kids being around it.

Effective: If your ant killer does not kill the ants, it is as good as nothing. Your ant killer must be effective and should bring you the long term solution.

Cost effective: These ant killers should not cost you a lot of money, they are simple products and you have lots of good options to choose from in the market.