Best Headrest DVD Player for Car Reviews 2020

Have you experienced your children fighting over the LCD monitor to watch their favorite movie while you are along the way in the car? Traveling is somehow tedious if there is no music or video display to entertain the passengers. However, sometimes your kids might fight over the one and only equipped LCD monitor that you would find it irritating while you’re driving. Some boys might also be very naughty that they keep insisting on playing game and won’t calm down unless they get what they want. Now you can drive your car with peace of mind by providing all the needs to your kids on the rear seat with the best headrest DVD player for car.

It could be some problems when it comes to choosing the cheap and high-quality headrest DVD player that provides the durability and maximum quality you could satisfy with. You might be hard to make up your mind which one you should buy since there are plenty of products out there which claims to have high-quality. Moreover, some cheap headrest DVD players might not be really reliable at all. Thus, what you really want is the reliable one with affordable price that you won’t be disappointed after buying it. The screen display is also what you need to consider as well since every demand of every person is different. Make sure you get the right one with the desired features you’ve ever wished for.

The best way to get the best-quality headrest DVD player with affordable price is to make sure you get the one that is durable, offers wider screen and high-quality of videos. The top headrest DVD player will make sure everyone in the car get the real entertainment that can brush away the boredom making you feel like the travelling in the car is not quite long. Enjoy every moment of your trip and provide your kids an amazing experience that would bring them into the next level.

How to Make a Decision on Purchasing the Headrest DVD Player?

When it comes to the time to purchase the best headrest DVD player, here are some tips you might think of before spending your money.

Price: budget is the most important thing you must be aware of. We don’t want to overspend on the products that it doesn’t worth spending. Check the price of each product carefully and make sure its quality worth the price to be spent on. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to look for the cheapest price all the time you want to buy the headrest DVD player since some low-price products can also be very inferior on the quality. Therefore, the best way is to scrutinize the product’s price carefully before having it as your possession.

HD quality video: if you ask people what they expect from their new LCD monitor, it would surely be the ability to display HD high video quality that would make the display brilliant and won’t disturb the eyesight. It would be so irritating when the quality of the video display is poor and you won’t be able to withstand and fully enjoy the entertainment and more or less will end up getting bored out of it.

Full-functions: a good headrest DVD player will get you all the essential functions that are to entertain. Not only the video quality does matter but also it needs to be able to be easily connected to the speaker of the car so that stereo sound is produced and you would fully enjoy the whole trip. Moreover, when your kids ask for game, the good headrest DVD player should also be able to offers him the great game as well. It should also be available with the headset that would bring your audio experience into amazing one and offers more private time. That way it will be great to get the full set of entertaining.

Top 8 Best Headrest DVD Player

Are you looking for the best portable media for your car and kids? That is not a big deal and you don’t need to browse through the internet finding the right one anymore since all of the top 8 best headrest DVD player in 2020 are in this review. All you need is to read and decide which one suit your car the most.

You’ll welcome these headrest DVD players for car. They connect rapidly and effectively to the back of the headrests of any auto, car, SUV or minivan and immediately transform the secondary lounge into a portable diversion focus that will keep your children upbeat and calm regardless of to what extent the outing.

So here is the list of the best headrest DVD player for car reviews 2020

1. Sylvania SDVD9805

Best Headrest DVD Player for Car Reviews

The Sylvania SDVD9805 is a double screen player that accompanies mounting straps so you can without much of a stretch append the screens to the backs of your headrests, and detaches them to take them anyplace you like. Lamentably, it just plays SD cards on one screen.


  • Twin dual screen
  • USB and SD card reader
  • Included car adapter, remote control, ear buds, cr cords and mounting straps
  • Identical specifications
  • Compatible with almost all


  • Screen stay on if the car is off
  • Wall chargers are included


  • The screen stalls sometimes

2. Absolute DPH-970IRG

Best Headrest DVD Player for Car Reviews

The Absolute DPH-970IRG is perfect with any media record believable, including JPEG for review slideshows and CD-R for tuning in to music. It accompanies a full capacity remote control and it likewise has all the control catches you require on the screen.


  • Single head rest monitor with 9.5 inch
  • Built in IR transmitter
  • Included approx all USB DVD DVD-R VCD and etc
  • Compatible for ll files with function remote control
  • Adjustable poles of mounting


  • Interiors nicely
  • Plugs into your cigarette adapter


  • No cons

3. XTRONS Black 2X

Best Headrest DVD Player for Car Reviews

The XTrons Black 2X has two HD touch screens, which connect with children as well as mean less odds of them losing the remote control. They accompany a zippered security cover for each screen to keep your screens clean; however, the fold is removable for less mess.


  • A couple of earphones Included New Car Headrest DVD with IR Headphones
  • Touch Screen, Security Cover with Zipper
  • Underpins 32-bit amusements with remote diversion controller
  • IR infrared transmitter


  • USB ports for both transfers
  • It can play two DVDs at once
  • Both units have SD card slot


  • May NOT be good for cars with Active headrest frameworks

4. Zone Tech Headrest 7 LCD Car Monitors

Are you one the parents whose kids are always complaint over being bored while traveling and sometimes fight over the DVD player since they want to watch their own favorite video? With Zone Tech your kids will be filled with satisfaction and get the maximum entertainment that they won’t ever complaint while riding in the car anymore.

1. Zone Tech Headrest 7 LCD Car Monitors



  • It is the brand new, pair of car-seat with headrest and 7 inch monitor
  • It features not only the DVD player but also FM transmitter, and it comes with the two DVD covers with zippers as well
  • It is compatible with both MP3 or MP4 player and can be used with USB, SD card or even MMC card reader as well
  • It comes with the set of 2 wireless headphone and two wireless controller since you can also play high-quality 32 bit games and control it through the special remote control
  • It is available in the special price

5. NAVISKAUTO(TM) 10.1 Inch TFT LCD Wide Digital Screen

NAVISKAUTO(TM) is one of the best trademark of headrest DVD player that would offer both quality and fun for your kids. Never again let them fight over the DVD player in your car and enjoy the peace of mind while driving. With the 5 out 5 stars, it shows clearly that all the customers satisfy with this products very much.

2. NAVISKAUTO(TM) 10.1 Inch TFT LCD Wide Digital Screen



  • It offers wider inch of 10.1 TFT LCD screen with touch keys but not touch screen
  • With the display mode of 16:9 wide view angle, it produces clear HD video quality to let you fully enjoy the graphic
  • It is compatible with many devices such as DVD, VCD, MP4, RMVB, CD and so on
  • The input and output features of Built-in 2.0 USB port, SD card, MMC card slot, speaker and HDMI port let you fully enjoy every essential feature of the player
  • It also comes with the built-in 32 bits wireless game function with the game disc and remote control as well

6. Adjustable Twin Dual Screen Pair Headrests

Have you been researching for the best reliable high-quality headrest DVD player? If so, the Ouku Ajustable Twin Dual Screen Pair Headrest is what you need. With 2.4 out of 5 stars from one of the most famous e-commercial page, Amazon, it will perform best for you.

3. Adjustable Twin Dual Screen Pair Headrests



  • It has the full LCD display of 9 inch that offers the big video display for the entertainment
  • It comes with the external memory up to 8 Gb, built-in speaker and FM transmitter
  • It can be compatible with many media types ranging from CD, MP3, WMA, JPEG MP4 and DVD
  • With the special feature, it will also be available in many options of language like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese and Russian
  • It is avail in the special offer

7. Koolertron Protable

Koolertron is a portable LCD monitor and DVD player on headrest offering your kids the full enjoyment. You will never hear them complaint while you’re driving for your trip since it is built up with the full functions of entertaining. With 4.8 out of 5 stars you will never be disappointed of its performance.

4. Koolertron Protable



  • It has the high resolution quality of 1280x 800 which offers the clear video quality without having your eyesight irritated
  • It has the special feature of image flip (U/D, L/R)
  • You can also enjoy the full function of HDMI and VGA port for the input video
  • It is equipped with check field: (Red, Green, Blue and Mono)
  • It also has the Camera 5D II mode
  • It comes with the special price

8. Universal Pair of Tview T110pl-black Headrests

There is no need to buy the separate monitor to install in the headrests in your car since it is hard to do so. Universal Pair of Tview will come in set that offers both comfortable headrest for front seats and full entertainment for the rear seats. With 2.9 out of 5 stars, it is the best choice for you.

5. Universal Pair of Tview T110pl-black Headrests



  • It has the wider display of 11.2 inch TFT LCD with comfortable headrest coming in one set
  • The display mode of 16.9 wide screen selectable offers the clearer and high-quality video display
  • The resolution is even higher, 800×480, to offer you the crystal quality of the image
  • The distance between two poles can be adjusted within 4 to 7 inches
  • It is available in a very special offer


After reading best headrest DVD player for car reviews 2020, you should first consider that you need an alternative that completely replaces the headrest and has its screen and equipment incorporated ideal with the headrest itself. The last is the go-to decision for some individuals, as it guarantees a steady picture and secured equipment with zero chance of slipping strange or notwithstanding falling altogether off the seat. Simply ensure the mounting pegs of the unit you consider are movable and can be moved together or separated to oblige the plan of your seat.