Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2020

Photo light boxes are an amazing accessory to give your photography a touch of class and quality. They act as small photo studios where you have more focused light. The walls of these boxes are great reflectors which makes sure you have diffused and balanced light which is all you need to capture high quality images free of glare and noise. These light boxes are easily available in the market however, not all of them are as good as you would like so we are going to present top rated portable photo light box reviews to get you guys the very best in business. Let us have a look at them;

SHOTBOX Photography Light Box

SHOTBOX Photography Light Box: Professional Product Photography Kit Studio Bundle - Portable, Collapsible, Table Top Photo Tent Includes 4 Backdrops, SideShot Accessory Stylish Case

For all those photography enthusiasts over there, this is a brilliant product to make into our top rated portable photo light box reviews. It has been rated high by the customers and you will fall in love with it right away. It has built-in powered LED lights which provide excellent photography lighting. It is very portable and you can move it around anywhere you want with ease. This kit provides amazingly soft and seamless backgrounds for taking pictures of products and collectibles. Your clicked pictures are going to look way better as it has been designed for taking professional product photography.

Another very impressive thing about this photo light box is that it has been made to last long offering you great quality no matter what kind of camera you use. This product values your money and that is why it belongs to the very best in the market. Holes on the top of the light box are engineered for “top down” photography of family photos, journals and scrapbooks. It has been made from injection molded plastic which is way better and much more durable than the usual low quality photography tents.


  • 24 inches of stunning bright white light
  • Latest in LED technology
  • Toggle switch for optimum control
  • Very durable construction, built to last a lifetime
  • Very easy to set and highly portable

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

One of the bestselling portable photo light boxes that you will comes across in the market. It has gotten great feedback from the customers and if you take your photography seriously, this product has been made for you. This one step collapsible photo studio has integrated LED lights which offer a great platform for pictures not only with professional cameras but with your regular smartphone cameras as well. The set-up is very quick and highly portable, you can easily take it with you anywhere you want which makes it a perfect photo light bow for professionals, hobbyists and product advertisers in particular.

It has been inspired by studio lighting, the LED lights and the inside walls are designed impeccably to get you the light which will bring you the best of your photography results. The overall construction and material is very durable and has been covered with zero-texture bright white coating. It is also an amazing photo box to have when you are on the go. It unfolds easily into a carrying case with shoulder straps making it travel easy for you. It also has an integrated pocket to hold the adaptor, user manual and other objects.


  • Has been tested rigorously for high quality standards
  • Ideal for professional photographers and hobbyists
  • LEDs provide a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) to ensure optimal color saturation 
  • Transforms into a convenient carrying case
  • Optimized lighting and imaging options
  • Two LED light banks positioned for optimum contrast
  • Front 3-door system for maximizing image angles
  • No assembling required

Amzdeal Light Box Kit Foldable Studio Light Box

Amzdeal Light Box Kit 16' x 16' Foldable Studio Light Box Portable Photo Studio Tent Photography Studio Tent with LED Light (White& Black Backdrops)

Looking for something simple and cheap? This is one of the most affordable portable photo light boxes in the market and is just perfect if you thinking of taking your photography interest to a whole new level. It consists of 30 LED lamp beads which offer a perfect scenario for the very best of your shots. It is very light in weight and carrying it is as simple as if you are carrying nothing. Two removable black and white fabrics are given, the structure is as simple as it gets and is very convenient to use.

The installation hardly takes a couple of steps and has been instructed in the user manual. The box has been designed to provide unified interior lighting system which offers great balance of light to get you the quality images you have been hoping for. You would be able to evenly distributed light in space and photos without having to modify the software. The overall construction is very impressive for something that costs you only few bucks, it has been made of PP material with double side matte finish surface which would serve you very well.


  • Consists of LED light strip with 30 LED lamp beads 
  • Powered by power bank or USB supply
  • Foldable design and super light in weight
  • Very easy to assemble
  • diffuses the external light source, softens shadows and reduce glare
  • comes with a removable black and white drop background

Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio

Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio Photo Light Studio Photo Tent Light Box Table Top Photography Shooting Tent Box Lighting Kit, 16' x 16' Cube

A very reliable portable photo light box option to curb your enthusiasm of photography. It has been designed for effortless high quality product photography. Even if you have a camera with mere average result, this photo box will bring the very best out it and you would have never seen before. The price is also fair and it belongs to mid-ranged photo light boxes. This box is one of the best ways to take pictures of your products with pure backgrounds bringing you the quality that you cannot achieve with any photo editing software.

It consists of 5500K daylight white LED bands which provide you the perfect lighting. You can either place them on frame bar or adjust the bands on the steel strips, the magnets will stick right on to it. This box has ideally been designed for product advertisers but you can also use it for your different photography hobbies. Simple, convenient and long lasting is what describes this product the best. It’s a photo tent box which is incredibly easy to set anywhere at any time.


  • Ideal for product photography
  • Adjustable 5500K LED bars on the two metal strips of the top
  • Bright and soft light with pure background (three colors)
  • Three way opening for different shooting angles
  • Easy to install and uninstall with using any tools

Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

Elviros Professional 16''x16''x16'' Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

This is one of the best rated portable photo light boxes in the market for many reasons. It has been designed flawlessly to get a soft balanced light, offers different shooting options, has been made to last long and also comes under a fair price. You simple can’t ask for a better product at this price. The light has been enhanced by front three doors also ruling out outside reflections. It also offers a top-shoot through for taking pictures from the top. The background provides and bright and soft light which instantly enhances the quality of the image.

It features two high quality built-in LED light bands which makes sure you get a detailed and contrast rich image.  The lights are positioned behind specialized diffusion material which makes sure a soft and nice light is generated which eliminates LED dot reflections on shiny objects. This light box tent is way brighter than any of your ordinary tents. It can also be packed in an easy carrying case with a shoulder strap to be moved around with ease and used anywhere you want.


  • Double 60 LEDs light bands with 1300 lumin
  • Super bright lights better than any of your ordinary shooting tents
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Space saving and flexible  
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag


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Portable Photo Studio Kit Shooting Tent Box Kit

MVPOWER 16''x16''x16'' Portable Photo Studio Kit Shooting Tent Foldable LED Light Box Kit with 4 Colors Backdrops for Camera Studio Photography

Talking about the very best in business, this guy surely stands out and there is absolutely no reason that you might not like this little beauty. It lacks nothing in terms of quality and comes under a very fair price. It would simply be criminal not to like this photo box. It has been rated as good as perfect by the customers and whoever has laid hands on this box, has been seen him/herself complaining about it. It comes with three backdrop color choices: blue, white and black.

It has integrated LED lights on the top panel designed for minimal fuss. When you are done with your task, it easily folds into a carrying case. There is no need of setting up light stands and adding multiple lights, this little photo box has everything you need to get started. The side panels are highly reflective which not only keeps the light inside the box but also keeps it very smooth, diffused and balanced. The backdrops are mad of vinyl which makes the wrinkles a thing of the past.


  • Comes with Integrated LED Lights & Diffusion Panel
  • Backdrops are made of durable vinyl, no worries about any wrinkles
  • Easy to install and uninstall without using any tools
  • Package contains a carrying bag and 4 pieces of backdrop cloth


Table Top Photo Studio Continous Lighting

Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Photo Studio Continous Lighting LED Light Shooting Tent Box Kit, Camera Tripod & Cell Phone Holder

Another fantastic choice to get the best out of your camera in terms of the image quality. This photo box is surely going to enhance your photography skills and will surely make you more motivated regarding your photography. This photo light box has all the backdrops that you will need to give your pictures the best of looks. It has large front removable opening for easy shooting. It has been constructed by high quality fabric which softens and reflects the light for super cool results. The glare and spots are easily ruled cancelled out which will surely bring the best out of your objects.

The background drop comes in Red, Black, Blue and White. A carry bag is also given for easy carrying. It comes with four High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stands, four blue and red Color Gel Filter for LED Light, Photography Camera Stand Tripod and a Cell Phone Clip Holder. This is a complete portable photo studio and it also has to be a very cheap portable photo light box as it is available with a surprisingly low price tag. There is absolutely no reason why you should not go for this photo light box.


  • Four backdrop clothes (blue, red, white and black)
  • High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stand
  • Perfect daylight temperature for professional images

PEROINE Portable Mini Studio Foldable Photo Photography Kit

PEROINE Portable Mini Studio Foldable Photo Photography Kit LED Soft Light Box With Black And White Background

You would be surprised to see the price tag with this photo light box. It is a very cheap photo light box and you won’t simple find something which is cheaper than this one in terms of price. However, don’t you dare try to connect its cheap price with its quality as it has been rated impressively high by the customer. It does what it says! If you are in your early days of photography, this is the first photo light box that you should get and it will surely kick start you and out you on the path of rapid improvement of your photography skills. It costs you as good as nothing and will definitely bring you all the basic qualities of a photo light box.


  • Compact in size
  • Simple in design
  • Made from high quality and very durable material
  • Two backgrounds: black and white
  • Easy to install and uninstall


Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

Professional 24''x24''x24'' Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

One of the most long lasting photo light boxes in the market that knows how to value your money and bring you the very best in terms of your photo box needs. It features a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector which offers uniform illumination ruling out all the glare and sharp edges. It offers two pure background: white and black which are good enough to create an infinite field of depth. It also allows you to shoot from different angles. This product might seem a little costly compared to many of the other options but it does a superior job as well.


  • Double 60 LEDs light bands with 13,000 lumin
  • Pure white and black backgrounds
  • Superior brightness compared to other shooting tents
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Comes with a carrying bag


16 Inch Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent

Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent, LEPOTEC 16 Inch Small Foldable LED Light Box Softbox Kit with 4 Colors Backdrops(White Black Red Green) for Photography, Built-in 2pcs 6000K White LED Strips

Last but not the least, this is a very affordable choice among the phot light boxes and does the job perfectly well. This photo box is ideal for beginners and has been specially designed for artists, online sellers and shutterbugs. It comes with four different color background drops. You would be able to shoot from different angles and take your photography skills to a new level. This light tent is USB powered and has Dual Super Bright SMD3528 LED Strips with 6000-6500K color temperature and 600Lm brightness.


  • Perfect for beginners to learn professional photography
  • Provides a professional like great light source
  • USB powered tent cable
  • Offers four different backgrounds

Buyer’s Guide:

Photo light boxes are used very commonly by different professionals and hobbyists. When it comes to product advertises, their use becomes even more relevant. These photo light boxes brings the best out of your pictures and no matter what kind of camera you are using, the results would surely meet the highest potential of your shooting device. There are usually two different choices: the fabric photo box and plastic like boxes. Both are durable and it does not really matter which one you use, the results are good provided that opt for a high quality product. However, the fabric ones are more liked because they are easily foldable and are more convenient to carry.  We brought to you the top rated portable photo light box reviews to make sure you spend your money on the right product.