Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review in 2019

If you want an activity where you can give a little rush to your adrenaline? Car racing and boat racing are way expensive and risky for you? We have for you the latest heart throb. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Remote controlled boat racing. It is Affordable, adventurous and at the same time catering to multiple specifications of both adult and teenage gaming. Remote controlled boats are available now days with a variety of specifications, where one can not only relax in a bean bag by the side of a pool but also sit with legs dangling down and enjoy time with friends and kids.  The fun can be doubled by using virtual reality headsets. Ask google and it will give you a list of top ten best virtual reality headsets to further boost your experience of a boat racing. There is no need to have any experience of boating. All you need is a few bucks in your pocket and there you are in a jam packed fun activity. If you are a hardcore enthusiast boats for you could reach speeds as high as beyond 65 miles per hour but for children, they are designed accordingly. When it comes to buying a remote-controlled boat, you need to be acquainted with a few terms to make a better decision as to what exactly to consider. The best thing about them is that you can choose a cheap boat in the beginning and as you get acquainted with it, you can upgrade its batteries or propellers per your requirements.

Tips to buyers

Few general knowledge tips are given here so buyers can have a little beforehand know how of RC boats.

  • If RC boat has brush motor, it will heat up and need a water cooling system to cool it down.
  • Brushless motors are more efficient as they cause less friction. They make boats with high performance gadgets.
  • The third thing to consider is the hull type. Boats come in three types of hulls. These three different types of hull are ideal for different types of waters e.g. monohulled with a single V-shaped hull are smarter and are for uneven waters. They are less likely to flip. Catamaran come with two hulls and are in rough waters. Hydroplanes come with two small hill that run along the boat body and are for peaceful waters. One of the biggest disadvantages of hydroplanes that they turn towards right easily, but must slowdown in case they must turn to left.
  • Self-righting of a boat is also an important phenomenon to be considered. Flipping over on a boat in water is common, due to rough water, windy weather or operational fault. All the boats that come with in-built feature appeal more than one option, which wait for the person to get into the water which in many cases is not safe.

How you can select best RC boats?

RC boat racing is becoming more of an addiction with time. The buyer wants more and more sophistication with his product. For newbie, it is important to go through certain guides to choose the right kind of the RC boat that’s why presenting you top 10 best remote control boats. The following features will enable the newbies to make a sound decision as to which RC boat to choose.

  1. Battery time vs run time

Batteries come in two types. Li-Po batteries are preferred; they are more powerful. Batteries which take less time to get charged up and run for longer times are preferred.

  1. Accessories

Only those RC boats should be considered whose accessories if damaged or worn out are easily available. Some products offer a warranty of 30 to 90 days free of cost.

  1. Motor

Brushless motor is preferred over brushed one, because the former comes with a solution for the heating up of the motor.

  1. Cost

For beginners, it is recommended that they buy less expensive boat. After they get adapted to it, they can buy expensive ones.

  1. Upgrade
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Some boats come with a feature of up gradation, in case the buyers want it like propeller sharpening for enhancing speed and battery run time.

  1. Brand

The brand should also be given a thought. Well-known brands which have been in the market for long time provide better features.

  1. Control system

It will be the control system, which will ultimately come at the hand of buyer. So, it should be easy to use, be it a set of dual levers or trigger combos.

  1. Hull

As the boats, available in three types of hull, it depends upon the buyer to see which one will be better for him like for peaceful water hydroplanes are suitable.

  1. Water problem

Water getting into the boat is a problem. To check this issue boat is properly taped. The buyer should choose the one which calls for least taping.

Down below are listed the top 10 best Remote boats review in 2019. They are reviewed while keeping in view their battery charge time, boat run time and affordability. Let us have a look at one of the best RC boats. Buyers can choose after going through all the specifications provided. They can decide after going through each boat’s review.

The Recoil 17 Deep-V

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This boat is best for beginners because of its ease of use. It is monohulled which makes it easy to handle. It comes in bright red and yellow color. It has an inbuilt self-righting feature which means you will not have to wade through water to fix it if it flips or get submerged in water. The battery charge time is one hour, but unfortunately the run time is 10 minutes. The maximum run-time for any boat is about 20 minutes. It can reach a speed of about 25 mph, but a little wind can take it to about 30 mph. Because of brush-less motor there is no need to worry about product heating up. It has in building a water cooling system. It is fun to play with as it easily cuts through the water and changes in both directions without any difficulty which does not happen in hydroplanes. The company Proboat provides a 30-day warranty. Online usability guides are available on YouTube. The parts if needed, are also provided by the company. The product is priced at amazon with free shipping. A two-year accident protection is also available. However, if bought from Proboat, buyers can get it at very cheap price.

React 17 Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This boat is monohulled and shaped more like a torpedo and less like a boat. The best thing about it is its speed, affordability and self-righting feature. It can gather a speed of as much as 28 miles per hour despite the manufacturer provides the speed to be 15 mph. It is cheap as compared to other boats with the same speed or runtime. Its battery charge time is two hours and runtime is 11 minutes. As the name indicates it has a brushed motor therefore the cooling system keeps the heat off. However, it can be upgraded. This boat comes with an extra propeller which can be used to boost speed. This too has a 30-day warranty. The company also provides its parts if need be. User guides can be obtained online. One drawback is that it does not come with a lithium polymer battery which is preferred in remote control boat enthusiasts. However, a positive aspect is its water sensing system. The transmitter will connect the moment boat touches the water body and will stop the moment it leaves the water. It is a safety feature built into this boat.

Aqua craft Miss Seattle

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: Miss Seattle comes with a hydroplane design and one of the biggest disadvantages of it is that the boat will make a sharp right turn easily, but for left turns it must slow down its speed. If it does not slow down its speed it will flip over and again, this boat does not come with a self-righting feature so if the boat flips or gets submarines the person must get soaked in water or wait for wind or water current to bring it back. However, it is ideal for racing purposes because of hydroplane design less surface of boat touches water, which means less friction and greater speed. Another disadvantage is that battery for boat and remote control are not included which adds to its already high cost.

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Pro Boat Impulse

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: It is V-shaped, which helps it cut through even rougher waters. It can reach a speed of about 15 mph, however the speed can be improved by propeller sharpening or upgrading it. The battery charge time is one hour, but unfortunately the run-time in only six minutes therefore it is recommended that you take extra batteries. Making turns for it is not very difficult owing to its shape. This boats casing is not as tight as in other boats. Water gets into it is a problem.

Radio ranger

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: Now this boat is 3 feet long, but weighs a bit more than one pound. It’s ideal for fishermen who want a bit of adventure without soaking in the water. It can catch a fish weighing about 5 pounds. As its big it takes more space while travelling. It has two motors and two propellers. A big advantage is that it has a runtime of about 20 minutes, but its battery is charged in about 5 hours. The good news is that everything is included in this price.

UDIRC Power Venom

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This single hull cheap boat provides the features of a highly priced boat. It can go in reverse which happens very seldom in boats. It has a self-righting feature can submarine itself and then come safely out. Battery charge time is one and a half hour and runtime is 11 minutes. It can take on a speed of 16 mph and has a warranty of 90 days, so any damage can be claimed within that time.

Traxxas Blast

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This boat can gather a speed of 20 mph, makes sharp turns easily without flipping over. The downside to it is that it lacks a self-righting feature and a brushless motor. However, if submarined it comes out quickly, but water gets into it which can affect inner parts if not properly drained. The battery takes six hours for charging, but the runtime is only 12 minutes which is disappointing. The boat is easy to handle but on the same page it lacks a lithium polymer battery. The boat is expensive keeping in view the specifications it offers.

Aqua craft Minimono

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: Now this boat accelerates at a speed of 18 mph which is quite slow as compared to earlier ones. Its battery charge time is two hours and run time is ten minutes, which is not that bad. It is affordable and the downside to it is that you must buy boat’s li-po battery separately and not just that battery’s charger will also be bought which unreasonably increases its cost. Its handling is not exceptional. The only plus point is that it has a brushless motor.

Pro Boat Miss Geico

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This catamaran wades through water at a speed of 20 mph. The most disappointing thing about it is that battery charge time is one hour whereas runtime is only 3 minutes which is ridiculously low. This boat takes right turns right, but has difficulty in taking left turns as is the case with hydroplanes and catamarans. The boat is hot selling one which is asking for way too much for a small number of features.

Aqua craft Mini Thunder

Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats Review

Description: This boat has a speed of about 12 miles per hour, which is the slowest in all the above-mentioned boats. It’s battery charge time is one hour and runtime is 13 minutes. This boat is a hydroplane. It does not come with a li-Po battery, but still its battery provides a better run time of 13 minutes. The boat is made of cheap material; however, its parts can be repaired or replaced.