Top 10 Best Sling Bag for Travel – (2019 Detailed Reviews)

Storage bags have been around for as long as probably the first humans, in different form of course. These storage bags are now being used in different capacities for a whole lot of purposes and there is no way you can get along with your daily life without having one of these bags. We are talking about backpacks in particular here which probably the most popular ones. Whether you are a traveler, a student or just any professional; you will need to have one of these bags to make your life organized and easier. The sling bags are slimmer and smarter; they are much easier to carry than any of your regular backpacks which makes them an ideal choice if you need your bags to only carry a few things for you.

These bags are most famously used by the students. Getting yourself a decent quality sling bag can be very tricky as the market is inundated with poor quality bags which won’t last much longer resulting in your disappointment. These bags come in different material types and price ranges. We are going to present you the top 10 best sling bag reviews, these bags are ruling the market as well as the hearts of customers.

Who needs to buy sling bags?

These sling bags are very common and popular among the students; they are light in weight and smart looking by appearance. Therefore, if you are a student, you must have one of these sling bags with you and it will surely make you look more organized and smart. However, the use of these bags is not limited to students only, they are also used by professionals. No matter what you do, if you need a smart looking backpack which is not very bulky to carry, sling bags are exactly what you require.

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CARQI Sling Bag Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Purse for Hiking Camping

 CARQI Sling Bag Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Purse for Hiking Camping


A very affordable sling bag to start our reviews with. This little guy is as good looking as they make and it is available in many different colors. This is surely a thing of beauty and you would love wearing it on your shoulders for whatever reason you want. It has unbelievable organization having four different compartments of different sizes making it very convenient for you to place your belongings.

It has been made of lightweight Nylon like polyester material featuring a spacious main pocket, a fully lined main compartment for clothes, books, camera, medical / first aid supplies, shoes, and much more. It uses water-repellent and tear-resistant polyester material. This bag is fully functional and at this price, it’s a deal you would not want to say no to.


  • Very well organized compartments
  • Very smart and sleek looking design
  • Lightweight, padded and breathable
  • Very convenient and adjustable
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch handmade precision nylon


  • Slightly smaller in size


OutdoorMaster Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack for Women & Men

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag - Small Crossbody Backpack for Men & Women (Gray)


No way we could have left this one out of our top 10 best sling bag reviews. This is probably the best looking sling bag in the market which has been ruling for quite some time now. The overall design is one of the things that lure customers. It is simple and classy looking coming in different colors that you can choose from.  The shoulder strap, the zippers, the overall finishing; everything seems to be flawless in this affordable range of price.

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This sling bag is perfect for your everyday use and will surely get your life more organized. It is perfect pack for both Lefties and Righties with reversible softly padded shoulder strap. One bag suits all! Surely worth your money.


  • compact yet spacious sling bag for men & women
  • lightweight cross-body design
  • hidden anti-theft pocket & water bottle holder
  • reversible shoulder strap direction
  • Backed with 6 months of warranty


  • Not made for heavier weight


Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack | Wear Over Shoulder or Crossbody

Versatile Canvas Sling Bag/Urban Travel Backpack, Grey | Wear Over Shoulder or Crossbody for Men & Women, by NeatPack


This ling bag is kind of like an update to the one we just reviewed earlier. It is slightly bigger and better. The overall design is simply flawless and it is one of the reason this bag has been selling like hot cakes in the market. Available in three different wonderful colors, this bag will surely bring you the experience you are looking for. This versatile, lightweight, & stylish sling bag holds your essentials without bogging you down! Has more compartments than any other bag and can be worn comfortably multiple ways. The padded shoulder strap is extremely comfortable to wear. It is a perfect bag for your all day comfort and durability and you are going to fall in love with it.


  • Offers plenty of room for storage
  • Could be worn in a number of ways
  • Well-padded and breathable
  • water-resistant polyester canvas
  • comes with satisfaction guarantee


  • Slightly pricy (totally worth it)


Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack Small

Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Shoulder Sling Backpack Small Range Bag Pack Black


Have a look at this bestselling sling bag that you are going to come across in the market. If you are looking for something more sturdy offering your more space, this guy has got it all. It makes an incredible smart travel bag and can also fulfil many of your other purposes. It is made of durable 600D polyester and is also water resistant. Sling bag backpack has adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap, and also has two smaller straps to help reduce the swag of the bag. This bag is ideally designed as a tactical military bag which you can use as suits you.


  • made of durable 600D polyester
  • water resistant
  • ideal tactical bag
  • offers large space
  • adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap


  • Might seem a bit bulky in design


Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag Canvas Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag


And here comes the best rated sling bag that you can get your hands on. This bag is going to cost you a little more money than some of your other options but spending these few more bucks means you are getting the best of the very best. It is certainly better looking and much more durable than most of your option in the market. The perfect combination of style and reliability is what this bag brings to table. The messenger sling bag is made of a very durable looking canvas material on the outside and a softer, more luxurious material inside the main compartment. The canvas backpack boasts a very vintage look and is multifunctional with lots of pockets.


  • High quality construction
  • Very durable
  • Vintage looking
  • Great capacity and organization for storage


  • A bit pricy (but worth it)


Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bags Day Pack w/Tactical USA Flag Patch

Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bags Day Pack with Tactical USA Flag Patch


This has to be one of the best options out there for a sling bag. If you are looking for more storage, this one gets you just that without looking very bulky. It is an ideal tactical bag which you can use for your different travelling adventures or outdoor sports. The overall material used and the finishing seems superb giving a very good perception about its reliability and durability. It has been double stitched which alone is something that we think is worth a buy. You will surely be using this bag for a long time and won’t see yourself complaining regarding anything.


  • made of durable 600D polyester
  • highly durable and water resistant
  • velcro in the concealed back compartment.
  • Offer larger space
  • adjustable and comfortable single shoulder strap
  • double stitched


  • Zipper is a bit flimsy


WATERFLY Chest Sling Shoulder Backpacks Bags Fashion Cute Crossbody Rope Triangle Rucksack for Hiking or Multipurpose Daypacks for Man Women Lady Girl Teens

WATERFLY Chest Sling Shoulder Backpacks Bags Fashion Cute Crossbody Rope Triangle Rucksack for Hiking or Multipurpose Daypacks for Man Women Lady Girl Teens


Simple useful and classy looking is what best describes this sling bag. It is a very highly rated sling bag which has been well trusted by the customers. If you are looking for something sleek and lightweight, this baby is simply second to none.  It is an outdoor rain and snow proof bag which brings you a lot of convenience in those weathers and saves you the day. Frigostable soft Nylon is very comfortable. SBS Brand Zipper, precise Seam and Reinforced Bartack process make it durable.


  • Rain and snow proof
  • Dilated shoulder strap
  • Well padded
  • Good organization of storage
  • Very affordable price
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  • A bit smaller in size


Vanlison Crossbody Sling Bag Backpack for Men & Women

Vanlison Crossbody Sling Bag Backpack for Men & Women


Another great options for all your sling bag needs. This one looks like the perfect size that you might need. It’s not too small and it’s not too big. The shoulder strap of this bag is interesting in its design depicting a kind of high profile look giving more stitching area to it which makes it very durable. You won’t find too many bags of this size having multi compartments. It offers plenty of considerate room for tablets, phone, gadgets, books, pens, water bottle. Easy access to each compartment.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Wear a number of ways
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Soft and light in weight


  • The hook on top is not very reliable


MALEDEN Sling Bag, Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Backpack Chest Pack Crossbody Bags for Women and Men Causal Daypacks for Hiking Cycling and Travel

MALEDEN Sling Bag, Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Backpack Chest Pack Crossbody Bags for Women and Men Causal Daypacks for Hiking Cycling and Travel


A very cheap sling bag in terms of price. The price tag is surprisingly low for such a good looking sling bag. The reason for low price is not the quality but the storage. This bag does not offer you a lot of storage and that might be exactly what you need. The overall design and looks are simply exquisite and it is available in different colors. This sling bag can also make a perfect gift.


  • Well organized
  • Padded and breathable
  • Water resistant and anti-scratch


  • Not meant for a lot of storage space


Mosiso Sling Backpack, Polyester Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Men Women Girls Boys

MOSISO Sling Backpack, Polyester Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Men Women Girls Boys, Flamingo


The last one of make our list of very best in an amazing option and the best thing is that it comes in different skins. You can choose from different color schemes and some of them look incredibly good. The sky blue one offers a great summer look and will compliment you just right. It has been designed with several pockets of different size to categorize your different stuff. water repellent and breathable and polyester will make sure it is as reliable as you would like and on top of everything, this baby comes for a very cheap price.


  • Very good looking design
  • Good storage space
  • Flexible satchel shoulder strap


  • Not very long lasting but perfect for light weights

Care and maintenance of sling bag

Care and maintenance of sling bags is one of the most important aspects of it. The most common problem these bags or any shoulder strap bags have is that they wear out after some time. The wearing and tearing of these bags is directly linked with the way you use your bag. These bags are not made for hardcore work. They can only take on a limited amount of weight otherwise they will begin to tear off starting from the shoulder strap. Therefore, no matter what material type your bag is made of, you need to know its resistance or capacity of taking on weights and must never exceed that. The cleaning of these sling bags is another thing that you need to be careful of you. Not all of them can be machine or hand washed. Different material types require different types of cleaning.

Top 10 Best Sling Bag for Travel

Shopping Guide for Sling Bags

Buying a nice quality sling bag for yourself can really be a headache. The market of these bags readily available almost everywhere and most of them are not as good as you would expect. Most of them are not long lasting enough and certainly do not bring the best value to your money. In order to tackle exactly that, we brought you to top 10 best sling bag reviews. these are one of the most trusted products in the market rated very high by the customers. Here is what a nice sling bag should offer you;

Attractive and practical design: the overall design of your bag tells a lot about its reliability and quality as well. Your sling bag should have nice organization of spaces which would prove to be handy for you. It should also look good on your shoulders so when it comes to the appearance, it should be attractive looking.

Long-lasting: this has to be one of the most important aspects that you require from your sling bag. You might compromise on other things but not on this one. The longevity of your bag is directly related to the quality of material used and upon your care and maintenance as well. Sometimes the material is of high quality but the stitching and finishing is very poor which effects the durability of the bad in a very bad manner. Your bag should not only be using high quality material but mist also depict an excellent finishing. These bags are not something you would want to buy/replace every now and then.

Value for money: value for money is very important. Since these sling bags are abundantly available in the market, the prices have gone down a lot. Therefore, if you know where to look, you could find yourself a very reliable bag without spending a lot of money.