List Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Dolly and Sliders in 2020 Reviews

Around recording the videos, camera slider might be a very important accessory since without having the slider, the cameraman will find it difficult to move the camera the way they want. Also, there are many different slider types on the market, and each of them is produced differently for the usefulness, quality, and price. As normally every camera operator would already know what kind of the slider they may need, it is not difficult for them to select one from the list below while all the suggested products here are the best quality ones.

Comparison Table: Top 10 DSLR Camera Dolly and Sliders of 2020

Rank No Product Name Features Rating
10 StudioFX Ball Bearing Pro DSLR Camera Slider
  • The studio FX 40” pro DSLR loads max 15lbs.
  • The camera slider dolly track video stabilizer comes with a carrying case.
  • The ball bearing slide system is very smooth.
9 NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater
  • The Dolly car skater video track rail is designed to take shots from ground surfaces.
  • It makes easy to do creative projects.
  • It adds cool video to your digital skill set.
8 Premium Flex Skater Dolly Stabilizer Table Top Slider
  • The table top slider for DSLR camera has an anodized aluminum body.
  • It glides straight or in circles.
  • The aluminum axles can be locked in place.
7 Vidpro Professional Skater Dolly for DSLR Camera
  • The professional skater dolly is designed to use with DSLRs and camcorders.
  • It allows precise camera gliding movement with minimal time.
  • It allows fast angle position markers and easy axle adjustment.
6 Neewer DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider Video Stabilization Rail System
  • The DSLR camera track dolly slider is a full-featured professional product for heavy-duty cameras.
  • It provides shake-free stability and support camera while shooting.
  • The dolly slider comes with a double interior rail system.
5 Konova DSLR Video Slider Table Camera Dolly Ksd 2000
  • The DSLR video slider table camera is made in Korea by Konova.
  • The scaled skater video camera can create dramatic video easily without track system.
  • It comes with adjustable anodized aluminum rods.
4 Camera Slider Flywheel GVM 23 “Super Smooth DSLR Dolly Sliders
  • It is a new style slider that does not need to disassemble the flywheel.
  • The flywheel system makes slider smooth motion.
  • The flywheel operates stable and quiet during shooting.
3 Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod Track
  • The camera video stabilizer tripod slider has self-lubricating rails.
  • It comes with tension adjustment knob with locking feature.
  • It can load max 9kg.
2 ePhoto Camera Track Dolly DSLR Ball Bearing
  • The dolly DSLR ball-bearing camera slider provides a quick way to create shots.
  • It has adjustable feet for leveling.
  • You can assemble them in minutes and come with a carrying case.
1 IMORDEN Middle DSLR Camera Slider Rail Track Dolly
  • The camera slider is compatible with camera, Smartphone, and Gropro.
  • It remains stable on adjustable legs and has nonskin rubber feet.
  • I have 1/4” and 3/8” mounting heels on two end side and middle bottom of the track.
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Here is the List Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Dolly and Sliders in 2020 Reviews.

10. StudioFX Ball Bearing Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer

10.StudioFX Ball Bearing Pro DSLR Camera

A nice slider to be reviewed is the StudioFX Pro DSLR camera slider which was produced in 40 inches in length and can be loaded up to 15 lbs. The specific slider has been equipped with a great ball and sliding system that allows the camera to be moved very smoothly on this slider. Additionally, the mounting screw and carrying bag are also added.

9. NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater Video Track Rail

9.NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly


The NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider is another design which is to allow for the great sliding of the camera during the recording. Differently, from the first product, this was made in a four-wheel car-like tool which its body is mainly the aluminum alloy as the material. For the wheels which allow a smooth sliding, it is the rubber and plastic.

8. Premium Flex Skater Dolly Stabilizer Table Top Slider for DSLR Camera

8.Premium Flex Skater Dolly Stabilizer

Built in a similar design to the NEEWER Rolling Slider, this Premium Flex Skater is also produced as the DSLR camera slider which could perform its task perfectly to bring smooth sliding to your recording or filming. The tool is as well said to have great stability during its movement. Either you want a straight move or circle, this can let you do it conveniently.

7. Vidpro Professional Skater Dolly for DSLR Camera

7.Vidpro Professional Skater Dolly for DSLR Camera

Premium designed as a professional Skater Dolly for the DSLR camera, if you need it for the sliding work, this Vidpro can deliver amazing service for you. As can be seen in the picture, the engineering appearance of this skater dolly is unique and innovative with the strong, secure grip to place your camera there. More importantly, the wheels of the skater dolly will let you move and slid your camera at any angle you want.

6. Neewer DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider Video Stabilization Rail System

6.Neewer DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider

Ideally manufactured for video and photography, this is another model and design from the Neewer, and this particular one is 7 inches longer than the first slider which is introduced earlier. As well, the sliding system could hold and load up the camera up to 5 kg of weight. With this professional Slider, you can make your professional video recording quite well.

5. Konova DSLR Video Slider Table Camera Dolly Ksd 2000

5.Konova DSLR Video Slider Table Camera Dolly Ksd 2000

Being quite popular for many camera operators, the Konova DSLR video slider is worth every minute of your consideration. Made in Korea, the slider is proven to have an amazing quality to function as a slider which allows users to slide their camera straight or circle with good stability. Also, the item often ships immediately after the payment is cleared. Thus, you should get his very quick if you already like and plan to order it.

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4. GVM Flywheel DSLR Camera Sliders

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Dolly and Sliders

The camera slider flywheel performs smooth and works like a professional. The smooth fluid slider looks stylish and doesn’t need to disassemble the flywheel. It saves your time, and the product is available at affordable rate. The 23” chute is made of carbon fiber providing better durability. The bearing design offer stability and the slider work quietly.

3. Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod Track DSLR Slider

3.Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod

Next is the glide Gear Camera Slider which has got an extremely positive review from its previous users. This proves that its quality is highly satisfied while its price is better more affordable. That is why this particular camera slider has been selected to be one among the best DSLR camera sliders here. Additionally, the design of this slider is just amazing and portable. You can surely expect great smooth sliding from this.

2. ePhoto Camera Track Dolly DSLR Ball Bearing Camera Slider Stabilization

2.ePhoto Camera Track Dolly DSLR

Unlike the rest of the Camera sliders in the list, this ePhoto camera track dolly slider was attached with a special based which is not the wheel. It can not move, and it provides greater stability to allow the camera instead to slide smoothly over. In the meantime, its frame has also been coated by anodized sustain which makes it look good and durable to use.

1. IMORDEN Middle DSLR Camera Slider Rail Track Dolly

1.IMORDEN Middle DSLR Camera Slider

Lastly, the DSLR camera slider that is selected for the suggestion is the MORDEN, and it is done in 40 inches with many perfect features as a slider. Being capable of loading a camera up to 15 lbs, the MORDEN slider has an aluminum frame with precise design for smooth sliding. Additionally, its legs have also been built adjustable, and you can easily set it to your best high. A carrying bag also comes along with the product in the order.


What to look for buying a DSLR camera slider?

A camera slider is one of the best ways to add production value to your projects. It offers smooth, controlled and purposeful camera movements. Shooting with a slider can bring a big difference, but you should choose the right product to buy. The DSLR sliders have become more accessible.

To get started, you must first decide whether to buy a slider or a gimbal. Although a slider and a gimbal offer similar benefits, they are completely different from each other. A sliders movement is limited but with a three-axis gimbal, how far you can move depends on the physical obstructions on set. You can buy a different type of sliders made of carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum.

When buying a slider consider the type of the metal in the rails. The slider comes in several different sizes. The characteristics of slider contribute its overall performance. The longer the slider, heavier it would be. You may use a 0.7m slider to get attached to a single tripod at the center mount. Make sure you buy slider feet that offer extra grip and attachment function.

Our Verdict

When you are shooting on a slider, a wrong move can ruin the whole shot. Make sure you buy a slider which is easy to carry and deliver smooth footage every time. Make sure all the accessories are included with the purchase.