List Top 10 Best Men Sandals Shoes in 2018 Reviews

For men, have you ever got any bad experience related to wearing sandals, for example, slipping accidentally, causing a difficult walk, or disturbing your amazing adventure? If you have ever experienced one among these problems, you may need to find another comfortable, and nice-looking sandals differ from previous one. Here are the top 10 best men sandals shoes in 2018 review, you may feel great after using it for once and need to buy for once again.

 Comparison Table: Top 10 Men’s Sandals Shoes in 2018! 

Product name Dimensions Weight


 1 Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal 14*5*5 inches 2 pounds 4.5/5
 2 Teva Men’s Omnium Closed Toe Sandal 12.3*7.5*4.9 inches 7 pounds 4.5/5
 3 Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal 12*8*4 inches 2 pounds 4.5/5
 4 Teva Men’s Toachi 2 Sandal 13*9*4 inches 2.3 pounds 4.5/5
 5 Eva Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal 12*8*4 inches 2 pounds 4.5/5
 6 Chaco Men’s Z/2 Unaweep Sandal 12*8*4 inches 3 pounds 4.5/5
 7 Teva Men’s Original Universal Sandal 15*8*6 inches 3.6 pounds 4.5/5
 8 Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal 10*12*10 inches 1 pound 4.5/5
 9 Reef Men’s Phantoms Thong Sandal 11.5*8.3*2.8 inches 14.9 ounces 4/5
 10 Olukai Ohana Sandal 10*8*3 inches 3 pounds 4.5/5

1.Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal


Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal get the highest review from the previous customer, among 793 customer review, Teva Hurricane Men’s Sandal achieves 523 reviews of 5 star out of 5 stars. What makes this men’s sandal so popular? This men’s sandal is made of EVA top sole with Microban zinc, nylon stability shank and patented universal strapping system. With its heel of 1.5”, this men’s sandal is very comfortable to wear and walk.

2.Teva Men’s Omnium Closed Toe Sandal


Another type of men’s sandal that gets more review from the customer is Teva Omnium Closed Toe Sandal, obtaining 510 reviews of 5 star out of 5 stars. This men’s sandal is with rubber soles and three points of adjustability to provide fitness and comfort for the consumer. It is best to wear for all kind of purposes or adventure, the especially highly recommended activity of travel water adventures including kayaking, river rafting, canoeing, amphibious hiking.

3.Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal


Come to another type from Teva brand which is Tanza Men’s sandal. You may alway want to find a kind of sandal which can walk on or in the water easily without having the feel of uncomforted, the Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal is an elegant and comfortable sandal which is made of an Eva with Microban zinc angsting bacteria. With spider rubber outsole, this men’s sandal is a well-recommended sandal to use walking for both on the land and on or in the water.

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4.Teva Men’s Toachi 2 Sandal


With the well-known and high-quality product, Teva comes up with a new type of men’s sandal which is also getting a lot of customer review. Teva Men’s Toachi 2 Sandal is made of synthetic leather which is durable and comfortable to use. It is a type of rubber tread soles designed with non-slip spider rubber outsole which helps to avoid any danger when you are walking in the wet environment.

5.Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal


Surprisingly, according to a customer review, we find out that Teva brand of men’s sandal appears another type of sandal in top 10 lists, this kind of men’s sandal is known as Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal. Without any differences from other types of men’s sandal branded by Teva, Katavi sandal is designed with EVA at topsoil which protects from bacteria. It can use for a variety of purposes both walking in the water, to the mountain or on the simple land.

6.Chaco Men’s Z/2 Unaweep Sandal


From customer review, they had expressed their satisfying about this men’s sandal that it fits well with their foot and is very very comfortable to wear and to walk. The Chaco Unaweep sandal is made of fabric which is best for long distance adventures as it eases the painful feeling due to the result of trekking.

7.Teva Men’s Original Universal Sandal


Teva Men’s original universal sandal, the nice-looking and well-functioned sandal, is designed to fit the customers’ basic needs. Its sole is made of rubber, and its heel is about 0.75” which is good for walking on water. It can be adjusted to fit our foot as it comes along with nylon webbing with three points of adjustability.

8.Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal


Made in the USA, Reef Men’s Fanning sandal is with rubber sole and about 1” height of the heel. The style of the outsole is similar to a hidden bottle opener, and the midsole is molded EVA which is anti-bacterial protection. Moreover, it serves you best for ages as a result of its carefully designed and appropriate materials.

9.Reef Men’s Phantoms Thong Sandal


The other type of men’s sandal from Reef, Reef Men’s Phantoms Thong Sandal, is made of synthetic and mesh, and it is a product from the USA. It supports well on the wet environment as it is designed with the textured and contoured footbed.

10.OluKai Ohana Sandal


Olukai ‘Ohana Men’s Sandal is made of leather added with soft nylon toe post webbing. It is a vegan-friendly sandal, for its materials are taken from nature. With the arch shaped support at the end of sandal, Ohana men’s sandal provides great fit-no side to side movement at all. Designed with the added grip, you may notice that there are no marks left on the floor when you are wearing.

What things should we keep in mind before buying the best men sandal shoes?

It is highly important to wear the right kind of sandals because if you do not, then there are chances of you either getting shoe bites or even worse. So it is necessary to get the perfect sandals, but at the same time, there are different sandals for different occasions. Some are fancy while some are best for hiking and playing outdoor games. Some things that you should consider while buying best sandals for men are as below:

  1. Getting the proper fit: The most important deciding factor is to get the most accurate fit for your feet. If you buy the small size, then there are chances of you getting shoe bite and if you buy large size, then they will not fit you and will keeping falling from your feet. The sandals should be such that the straps fit the feet perfectly without rubbing them.
  2. Choosing the quality material: It is important to note that the most comfortable sandals are those that comprise of best quality products. The materials like leather or fabric not only lets the feet breathe but also prevents the feet from blistering. The material of the sandals should be such that it has an absorbent fabric and reduces the sweating and slipping.
  3. Design and straps: If the straps of the sandals are not perfect then they might cause irritation or blisters on the feet. Also, you must avoid the sandals with straps that run along the foot or in between the toes. You have to always look for sandals with a design that is good in looks but at the same time are also highly comfortable.
  4. Checking the flexibility: The second most important factor for getting the perfect sandals is the flexibility. The sandals should be such that they are not too flexible because too flexible sandals are neither comfortable nor durable.
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What are the major benefits of wearing sandals over other footwears?

There is a lot of confusion about which footwear should men choose that offers great flexibility along with great support. As per the reports, it is highly advisable to wear sandals over another type of footwear that are available in the market. Several benefits of choosing sandals are as below:

  1. Support: There are a lot of injuries that take place because of wearing flip flops and those injuries might also include blisters. The sandals render act as a great support system to the feet and do not cause shoe bite or any other injury.
  2. Durability: It is usually seen that the durability of sandals is quite high in comparison to other footwear, which is one of the biggest advantages of choosing sandals.
  3. Stylish and sleek: For men, sandals are the best choice as they come in many different styles, patterns, and designs. Also, sandals are one of that footwear that goes in style with any type of dress.

All the above men’s sandals are the most comfortable and durable sandals which received more stars from the previous customer review. A high-quality sandal is something that you need, so find out one from above list.