List Top 10 Best Steadicams for iPhone in 2019 Reviews

The main problem that happens when you record a video is shaking. When you need to hold your camera and walk, you can’t stop your hands from shaking. Thus, if you plan to use your iPhone to record the activities of your family on vacation, you should get one of these fantastic steadicams.

 Comparison Table: Top 10 Steadicams for iPhone in 2019! 

Product name Dimensions Weight


 1 Steadicams mount for GoPro HD hero and iphone 35.6*25.4*12.7 cm 907 grams 5/5
 2 Professional video camcorder stabilizer kit 34*5.7*20.5 cm 830 grams 4./5
 3 Steady mate HD professional 13*8*1.2 inches 3 lbs 3/5
 4 Steadicams smothee camera mount for iphone 35.6*25.4*12.7 cm 2.3 kg 3/5
 5 Glide gear cellfie stabilizer for smart phone and GoPro 25.4*12.7*12.7 cm 454 grams 3.5/5
 6 Steadicams smothee for iphone 14.2*3.5*12.2 inches 3.4 pounds 2.5/5
 7 Fomito professional portable mini handle camera video stabilizer 28.2*22.5*6.7 cm 649 grams 3/5
 8 Wenpod professional adventure smart phone stabilizer gimbal digital handheld steadicams 4.5*3*10.3 inches 12.6 inches 3/5
 9 MOVO video rig steadicams for smart phones 36.2*8.9*31.1 cm 1.5 kg 3/5
 10 Lan Parte HHG-01 3-axis handheld steadicams 13*4*5 inches 3.4 pounds 4.5/5

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1.Steadicam Mount for GoPro HD Hero and iPhone

1.Steadicam Mount for GoPro HD Hero and iPhone

This is one of the most recommended Steadicams for iPhone. It is made of high-quality materials, which make this Steadicam robust but lightweight. This Steadicam works great with iPhone, but you can also use this great Steadicam with GoPro HD Hero with the included adapters and mounts. The handle is specially designed to be comfortable for holding for a long hour. Finally, it is very easy to balance.

2.Professional Video Camcorder Stabilizer Kit

2.Professional Video Camcorder Stabilizer Kit


This is a very creative Steadicam for iPhone. At a great price, you get this amazing Steadicam for iPhone and LED video light kit. With this Steadicam, you can use your iPhone to record video with a clear quality. Moreover, you can hold it and record a video for hours because the handle is very comfortable. Lastly, this Steadicam is designed to support not only iPhone but also many other photography devices.

3.SteadyMate HD Professional Handheld Camera Stabilizer for iPhone

3.SteadyMate HD Professional Handheld Camera


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SteadyMate SM1 HD Professional Handheld Camera Stabilizer is a great Steadicam for your iPhone. This Steadicam is very durable but lightweight because it is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and steel. With the special design of this Steadicam and aluminum alloy body, you are guaranteed with the great stability of your iPhone when you use this to support your mobile.

4.Steadicam Smoothee Camera Mount for iPhone

4.Steadicam Smoothee Camera Mount for iPhone


Getting a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from customers, this Steadicam for iPhone will not fail to impress you with its durability and stunning performance. This Steadicam is made of premium quality materials to ensure robustness. Also, it uses the updated design that will give you the maximum stability of your iPhone. Last but not least, the grip is made to be comfortable for your hand to hold.

5.Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer for Smart Phone and GoPro

5.Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer


If you are looking for a Steadicam with the quality you can trust, Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer is the best choice for you. It is made of solid materials, which makes this Steadicam can perform very well in balancing your iPhone. Furthermore, this Steadicam is not only compatible with iPhone but also other smartphones and GoPro cameras.

6.Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone

6.Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone


Steadicam Smoothee is one of the most amazing Steadicam designed and made by Steadicam, a leading company in making steadicams for iPhone and other smartphones. This is designed to fit iPhone 4 and 4S. With this Steadicam, video shot by your iPhone will look like professional video. The body is made of solid metal to be sturdy, and the grip is designed to be comfortable for handling.

7.Fomito Professional Portable Mini Handle Camera Video Stabilizer

7.Fomito Professional Porable Mini Handle Camera


This is a perfectly designed Steadicam to be used with iPhone, but it also can be used with others smartphones and camera with the included adapters. It is made of aluminum alloy to be robust and lightweight so that you can bring it along in your backpack. This Steadicam uses a system that ensures the stability of your iPhone even when you are walking or running. Last but not least, the handle is comfortable and not slippery.

8.Wenpod Professional Adventure Smartphone Stabilizer Gimbal Digital Handheld Steadicam

8.Wenpod Professional Adventure Smartphone Stabilizer


Wenpod SP1+ Professional Adventure Smartphone Stabilizer Gimbal Digital Handheld Steadicam is a very compact but very functional Steadicam. Besides being small, it is also lightweight because it is made of light and durable metal. With the latest technology, this Steadicam can be rotated 360 degrees. Moreover, it is easy to use. It has auto calibration feature and can be controlled by a joystick. Lastly, it fits with iPhone and other smartphones.

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9. Movo Video Rig Steadicam for Smartphones

Top 10 Best Steadicams for iPhone

The MOVO smart phone video rig is one of the best known cameras when it comes to improvising the production value of the videos that you shoot in your phone. The camera is considered to be the best for the live streaming videos, blogging, interviewing, live performances and much more. The camera comprises of removable handles that assists you in shooting the videos and also there is a adjustable strap that will save the camera if it accidentally falls.

10. LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Handheld Steadicam

Top 10 Best Steadicams for iPhone

The Lan Parte HHG-01 3 axis is one of the best steadicams that comes along with two smart phone clamps and also one GoPro clamp. The camera is such that it has three axis stabilization: tilt, roll and pan. The camera comprises of handles that are made up of silica gel and it comes with a removable battery. Lastly, the camera comprises of two counter weights that can be used for counter balancing the phones and lenses that are heavy in weight.

What things should you keep in mind before buying the best Steadicam for iPhone?

To buy the perfect Steadicam for iPhone, it is necessary first to know the exact weight of your phone so that you can get the perfect Steadicam and all its equipment accurately. Many things should be kept in mind before buying the steadicams for iPhone. Some of the most important features are as mentioned below:

  1. Different shots: It is better first to plan how and where are you going to take your shots with the Steadicam as it will render you a clear view of what kind of gear you will need. After you get a shot, the two most important things that you have to check are: angle of view and composition.
  2. The angle of view: The angle of view is also known as the field of the camera lens, and it has a much greater effect on the smoothness of the shot as much as you’re shooting. It is important to note that the much wide the shot, the less noticeable the camera shake becomes. So, it is very important to choose the Steadicam such that it does not disturb the angle of view.
  3. Composition: It is very important to have the best shot composition to get the perfect shot. So, it is necessary to have the camera such that it focuses on the framing of the person if the person is a dancer or skateboarder.
This is a very useful product. They are great products at a great price. And you will not know how amazing it is until you get one for yourself. With this Steadicam, you don’t need an expensive camcorder to record your memorable time.