List Top 8 Best Camera Sliders in 2019 Reviews

People always prefer seeing smooth dolly shots in almost everything they watch such as TV shows, movies or any other kinds of videos. Before, to produce such smooth shots of motion, we needed a crew of people and railroad tracts to pull them off. It was difficult, wasn’t it? Therefore, camera slider was invented. Camera slider is a set of bracketed tracks, consisting of a movable carriage which you can attach directly to your camera or to a tripod head for more panning and angle options. Camera slider is an essential instrument for all professional cameramen who need it to shoot compelling “tracking shots” creating a sense of movement and “reveal shots” exposing more of a sense.

In the present period of innovation, photography assumes an essential part in our day by day lives. Subsequently, I am indicating a list of top 8 best camera sliders in 2019 reviews that guarantee you to taking photographs and recordings proficiently. There is no certification that the nature of the photos and video you catch will be awesome; shaking amid catch can prompt low quality photographs. Luckily, there are a few camera sliders accessible available, which can balance out your camera and guarantee you catch top notch photos and video film.

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If you are doubtful of which camera slider you should buy, you are suggested to consider one of the top 8 best camera sliders in 2019 below.

1. Koolerton Stabilization System

List Top 8 Best Camera Sliders

The flying aluminum compound on the Koolerton Stabilization System makes an unimaginably lightweight slider with a solid aiding of roughness in its track. Its slide plate, then again, experiences cheap orientation.


  • Easily mount
  • Innovative and smooth
  • High end value
  • Portable and easy
  • Jet black
  • Light weight
  • Affordable
  • No complains as far

2. Shark Slider S1

List Top 8 Best Camera Sliders

The Shark Slider S1 reaches out to an entire at its most prominent length, giving you a long, liquid shot with a stabilizer to conflict with any torque from dish and tilts along the keep running of the track. At the point when not completely broadened, the unit fits completely gathered in its cushioned case.

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  • Smooth and vibration free
  • Rigid free
  • Extending tubes
  • Ideal for high quality photo
  • Stable and temperature resistant
  • Light weight
  • Locking knobs for position holding
  • Extended belt
  • Heavy duty slide plate
  • Light stands
  • As far no cons

3. Neewer 31.5″/80cm

List Top 8 Best Camera Sliders

There’s a modest bunch of sliders at generally this length and cost available, yet the Neewer 31.5″/80cm beats them full scale for strength and conveying limit, with enough security in its edge to bolster camera frameworks.


  • U shaped ball bearing
  • High grade carbon fiber tubes
  • Gear shaped joint interface
  • Better locking positions
  • Easy to carry
  • Leg adjustments availability
  • Locking knobs for position holding
  • As far no cons

4.Fotodiox Pro SlideCam 600

1.Fotodiox Pro SlideCam 600

It is a 24” Fotodiox camera track slider which features very smooth ball bearing slide system, providing dynamic horizontal, vertical and diagonal movement to your videos. It can be either use to capture dramatic video or slow motion moving with excellent shots. This SlideCam features a double interior rail system which contains four precision bearing to offer smooth movement to any project you have. The bearing tension is also adjustable, allowing you to customize the camera slider to your exact requirements. With the included adjustable legs, you can use this camera slider on any surface. There are also multiple mounting options which allow you to attach this slider to a single tripod, a pair of tripods or light stand for dramatic tilts and angles. This slider is well lubricated, the bearings are well adjusted, and everything is solid. It will just work best for you!

5.StudioFX Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer by Kaezi


This 40” slider is made of Aluminum Steel body with round bubble level which assists you in getting slider level. It is probably the quietest one which produces no noisy sound while sliding. Featuring smooth ball bearing slide system, this slider is probably the smoothest one which offers shake-free stability and support to camera while shooting. It is also probably the most versatile camera slider that lets you mobilize any movie camera, video camera, digital camera or other camera devices. It is really smooth, really quiet and really easy to set up with carrying case. Not expensive but professional!

6.Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 100cm (39.4inch)

3.Konova Camera Slider Dolly


This high quality Korean camera slider is specially designed to provide stable and smooth shots as it is believed that “stable” and “smooth” are the basic elements of the art. Its main body is mad in Samsung factory – a worldwide famous brand name factory. Its dolly, equipped with screw of 3/8” diameter moves on a 10000-mm-long rail, leads the camera ahead of screened theme. Whether you use this camera slider vertically, horizontally, diagonally or sideways, it always remains smooth due to the steel roller bearings riding on a steel track. One of its special features is its versatile uses which includes a crane, a shoulder rig and other ways. If you work in film art, it is a perfect camera slider for you!

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7.TARION TR-S120 120cm 47 Track Slider Stabilizer Stabilization System

4.TARION TR-S120 120cm 47 Track Slider


It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, equipped with standard ARCA SWISS groove. It adopts 4 adjustable roller bearings, and it is high load-bearing, smooth and stable. Upgraded ends, with scientific and unique designs, bring you a maximum use of the track length. This nice camera slider also features integrated brake screw which is more efficient and friction-decreasing. This TARION camera slider consists of a rubber pad part one slide plate so that it is anti-slip and shock-resistant. There is also adjustable feet which provide you with your ideal shooting height. This smooth and stable slider can be used on all kinds of professional camcorders, SLR, DSLR camera and so forth. Purchase it, and you will be amazed by its wonderful performance!

8.Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod Track Dslr Slider-23-inch

5.Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod Track Dslr Slider-23-inch


Having limited budget, you would look for a camera slider with a reasonable price. Then this one is highly recommended! This Glidegear camera slider is designed for film makers who always expects to create Feature film quality production shots. It features aircrafted grade, heavy duty, anodized aluminum construction and spirit level and tension adjustment knob with locking feature. With the new technology of greaseless self-lubricating rails and plastic bearings, this camera slider’s carriage does not need too much force to move. It also has versatile usages such as the use with a tripod or on a flat surface. As a good camera slider with high quality, it has received a lot of five-star reviews on Amazon.

All in all, camera slider is nowadays a necessary tool for cameramen as it can be easily used to take more angles of motion pictures or video and to produce smooth tracking and reveal shots in any video makings. A lot of camera sliders are being sold widely throughout the world, and you may feel difficult in choosing the right one. Therefore, we’ve come up with this list; hopefully, it can help narrow down your alternatives. Purchase any of them, and it will show the best performance that you expected!


As there are a bit trouble to picking a slider so before going to purchase just check this list of top 8 best camera sliders in 2019 reviews. I am mentioning a bit view of sliders basically in light of the fact that that is an entire diverse.

Before you going to buy one must recognize what sort of slider they’re occupied with, drylin or roller bearing.

Drylin frameworks are regularly less costly, yet float less openly than roller bearing sliders. Roller bearing frameworks are frequently costlier, yet slide easily with little exertion. So before going to buy any slider make sure that what’s your budget and which type of slider is best and suitable for you and your photography.

Hope the above mention guidelines and products will help you out to pick the best one.