Top 10 Best Light Stands for Photography Reviews in 2020

No matter you do photography or videography, you will need lighting no matter day or night. Because if you don’t have enough lighting, you won’t get a very high quality outcome. Light is very important in photography career besides the concept of doing so. Moreover, lighting could make up everything to be as good as it could. For example, if you want to shoot model, lighting is very important to retouch the skin and the face of models. However, Light stands play an absolute important role for photograph work. They help add extra light and brightness to your photos, and make the subject of your shooting looks natural without the lacking of light or dark vision. What you about to read below is the list of top 10 best light stands for photography Reviews in 2020.

Below is the top 10 of Best Light Stands for Photography and you find good one for your studio

10.PBL Light Stands


How long have you been looking for the light stands with perfect height that can add bright light to your photography work? PBL Studio has brought you what you are finding, these light stands are perfectly fit if you need a tall light stand with best height while taking photos.

We called this the studio professional extra strong photography light stands since it is these light stands are made of metal locking collars with an extra carry bags. Most importantly, WE ARE THE ONLY LIGHTING PHOTO COMPANY THAT SUPPLIES SANDBAG, at no extra cost. Moreover, their weight is absolutely light, yet strong and stable. The footprint is extra light that will hold LED, and can also help control lowing the heavy loads, with guarantee of lasting for years without breaking. Also, the rubber tips on each leg are designed to prevent moving or falling just in case. Highly recommended for your studio lighting equipment.


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9.CowboyStudio Photography Video Light Stand

9.CowboyStudio Photography Video Studio Premium Pro Boom Set W501 with Light Stand

If you are in a need of big and solid light stands, then take a look at CowboyStudio photography video light stand. You will not regret your choice choosing the best light stand ever provided by us.

The light stand is very useful in functioning of your light position more directly above your subjects. With an acceptable price, but it comes with black anodized aluminum finish that gives this boom the professional look, which is the best alternative for you.


8.LimoStudio Photo Light Stand

8.LimoStudio Photo Studio Lighting Reflector Arm Stand Reflector Stand Holder Boom Arm

Just in case you’re finding a light best with good quality and best boom with light weight, you need to see the light stand provided by LimoStudio. This is the best light stand ever designed for you to take beautiful photograph with amazing light and filter.

The light stand is designed with 3 legs stages plus light weight which is easy to lift and move as well as the solid locking system for light safety. Moreover, it has the adapter clamp pivot which connects to a boom arm to stand that made of high impact plastic, and adjustable clamps which fit with many boom diameters. The boom arms are well-build and perfect for holding speed lights and small modifiers. Easy to put together, easy to disassemble.


7.Ravelli ABSL Video Backdrop Light Stand

7.Ravelli ABSL Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit

There are times when you accidentally broke your light stand, and in need of a better light stand for your photography work. Ravelli ABSL has designed a very solid and stable light stand which will last for years, and you don’t have to fear for its breaking anymore.

The Ravelli ABSL modern background stand is adjustable up to 13ft tall and 15ft wide and comprised of 2 tripod stands and five 3ft cross bars section. The tripod stands provide smooth and safe adjustments since it is designed with air cushioned shocks. It is also came with male studio spigot adapter which allows the use of photography equipment. Also, it takes only a few minutes to set up and to disassemble.


6.Ravelli ALS Cushioned Light Stand

6.Ravelli ALS Full Air Cushioned Light Stand

Having difficulties finding the right tripod light stands? This problems does not exist anymore, Ravelli ALS has designed the light stands that will make you amazed since the quality is absolutely impressive.

The model light of Ravelli ASL is adjustable up to 10ft tall and specially designed with an air cushioned shock to provide smooth adjustments. It is also provided with reversible male studio spigot adapter which allows the use of photographic equipment with 3/8ft and 1/4ft threads. The adapter will securely mount your light kit since it is machined with two indentions. They are guarantee with both good quality and acceptable price you ever find for the best light stand.

5.Ravelli ABS Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit with Dual Air Cushion Stands

5.Ravelli ABS Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit

If you are a fan of aluminum light stands with stable stands and easy to assemble and disassemble, Ravelli ABS is the right option for you. It is recommended for both beginners and professionals.

With a classic black color, the Ravelli ABS model background stand is adjustable, and comprised with two tripods stands, as well as included with a heavy duty carry bag. Also, the tripods stands is designed with cushioned shocks to provide smooth adjustments. More than this, it is concluded with a reversible male studio spigot adapter which allows the use of photographic equipment. The best part is that the adapter is designed with two indentations to securely mount your light kits.


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4.LimoStudio Top Quality Light Stand

4.LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 7 ft Top Quality Light Stand

Have you ever regretted making wrong decision buying the fragile light stands? LimoStudion will not let you down. With the best quality of light stand designation, the light stands is guarantee to be long last and will not break which can be kept for years.

With a high quality output umbrella flash strobe light stand, it is designed with solid 3 legs stages with a very light weight which is easy to move. The solid locking system is also included to secure the light safety. It is assured to be high quality and high standard which will make you excited to use.


3.CowboyStudio Heavy Duty Cushioned Premium Black Light Stand

3.Cowboystudio 9 feet Heavy duty Cushioned Premium Black Light Stand for Video

It would take weeks for you to search for the inexpensive but lightweight stand that is stable with umbrella or soft box and portable flash. However, you will get the professional with good quality photograph if you choose light stand from CowboyStudio.

This is the product of first line of super-sized stands with the height of 8ft which will give you the new dimensions of height, strength, and technology. Along with spring cushion technology that can minimize product damage, it also gives you extra sense of secure when using. The best part is it is made of aluminum alloy which can be used with reflections, boom stands, continuous lights, strobe flash lights, as well as backgrounds.


2.CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case

2.CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand

It is not easy to find the stable and strong light stand which is suitable for you while taking pictures. Some might break, some might move and fall. With the best designation from CowboyStudio, you will not face problems like these again.

The standard of this light stand is that it has the height of 6 feet tall which is the best that you will find in the most of our lighting kits. The light stands are tall enough to hold most of your equipment and is very comfortable to bring around for travelling. Just like all products of CowboyStudio, the light stands are made of strong aluminum alloy which can be used with continuous light , strobe flash lights, and backgrounds.



1.CowboyStudio Photography Light Stands with Cases

1.CowboyStudio Set of Two 7 feet Photography Light Stands with Cases


If you’re a photographer, either beginners or professionals, light stands are what you need.  As always, CowboyStudio light stands are highly recommend since it is the best alternative for you.

With the easiness of assembling and disassembling, only CowboyStudio has the light stands like that for you. Made of black strong aluminum alloy which is very strong and stable, yet it is light which is easy to carry and move around. Can be used with continuous light, strobe flash lights, as well as backgrounds which can make your photo looks natural and perfect.