Top 10 Best Universities in Canada for studying medicine

Choosing the right major to study in universities is every student’s concern, finding the right universities that is best for their major is even more difficult for students. There are many universities out there, the question is that how can they know which university is the best for them? According to this difficulties, that is why we would like to recommend you the top 10 best universities in Canada based on their academic reputation, employer reputation, and research citations per paper within each subject area for you.

10. Queen’s University at Kingston

Already know your passion about what to study for your future career but cannot decide where to study and which university to choose? There is a good university called Queen’s which locates in Kingston that you should consider.

Queen’s is one of Canada’s top universities which has the international reputation for scholarship provision to students, research social purpose, as well as spirit and diversity. This university is known for the high quality and incomparable 24-hour learning environment. Queen’s has reflected and helped shape Canadian values and policies, and educated many of the country’s most notable political and cultural figures as well which is the university you should choose.

9. The University of Western Ontario

9.The University of Western Ontario

How long have you been feeling depressed regarding the decision of choosing the right university? Do not miss The University of Western Ontario since it is one of the top research universities in Canada.

From fundamental to applied knowledge, Western University discovers benefit economic, social, health and cultural development in Canada and around the world. This university attracts student worldwide with the vision of seeking to study, engage, and lead in international communities. Students from 117 different countries around the world share their classroom experiences and engage in abroad study, research and volunteer opportunities to broaden their point of views. Western is one of a kind type of university that you should enroll.

8. University of Ottawa

Tabaret Hall - University of Ottawa

If you are finding the best university that you can pursue your study to the next level with high quality of education, University of Ottawa is the one and only perfect university for you.

The University of Ottawa is a vital, engaged and vibrant center for human understanding and advancement that offer you a superior educational experience. The staffs, faculty, and student across all departments, services and faculties work so hard on the issues facing society as well as have the commitment to deliver a learning experience of the highest caliber. This is why this university is gaining increasing recognition for research and academic excellence and for the positive contribution to the local community and the country which are the reasons why you should start your university life here.

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7. The University of Alberta

7.The University of Alberta

Looking for the university that is best at public research? You won’t regret studying at The University of Alberta because it is one of Canada’s top universities and among the world’s leading public research intensive universities.

With a reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences, The University of Alberta is every student’s university dream. It is the home to world-leading facilities such as Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology and the Li K Shing Institute of Virology, this university attracts the best and brightest minds from people throughout the world. The University of Alberta’s students choose from 400 undergraduate, graduate, and professional program in 18 different faculties. You’ve got choices, but this university is the best of the best, you won’t regret.

6. The University of Calgary

Unveiling of the new arch at the entrance of the University of Calgary. In photos: Elizabeth Cannon Bob Loov Hardave Birk Dominik Rozwadowski Al Rasmuson Photographer: Riley Brandt University of Calgary, 2012

Learning new things and get new experiences is what every student wants in their university life. The University of Calgary is Canada’s leading next-generation university with a living, growing and youthful institution that embraces change and opportunities with a can-do attitude in Canada’s most enterprising city.

This university has a clear strategic direction to become one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016 which is grounded in innovative learning and teaching, and fully integrated with the community of Calgary. By supporting industry and businesses locally, nationally and internationally, the University of Calgary also strives to serve the community and reflects its value as well, while working hard in order to find solutions to the some challenging problems facing society today. Gaining new aspects and ideas from different students from the globe is the best opportunity to develop yourself, apply now.

5. The Université de Montréal

Have you finding the best medical universities to continue your future dream job? The Université de Montréal is the very best place for you.

Founded in 1878, the Université de Montréal along with its other two affiliated schools, the École Polytechnique and the HEC Montréal is now the largest university in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. With over 55,000 students from around the world and some 10,000 employees, the Université de Montréal awards close to 10, 000 diplomas at every university level with different programs in almost all academic fields. With its two schools, this university brings together 2,300 professors and researchers from all the fundamental disciplines, some 300 research units, and as well as one of Canada’s largest student bodies at the master’s and doctoral levels. So this is the perfect university choice for you which you can pursue your major and get a good job in the future.

4. The University of British Columbia

4.The University of British Colombia

The University of British Colombia is aspiring to be one of the world’s best universities that will prepare students to become exceptional global citizens, promotes the values of a civil and sustainable society, and conducts outstanding research to serve people in the world which is a good choice for students who are looking for the best universities.

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This university will provide students with the best possible resources, and conditions for learning and research as well as create a working environment dedicated to excellence, equity, and mutual respect. It also cooperate with government, business, industry, and the professions, as well as with other educational institutions and the general community to discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge and prepare its students for fulfilling their future careers which is the best university ever for students.

3. McMaster University

3.McMaster University

Research is what every universities student can’t avoid. Getting enroll in the university where you can conduct the research with enough sources and nice people is the one of the best experience in university life, which is found in McMaster University.
McMaster is a full-service university with well-established strengths in health, engineering, business, social sciences, science, and humanities research and education, it offers both students and professors exciting and unique opportunities for research, education, and collaboration. McMaster has pioneered a number of programs that have changed how professors teach and students learn since it has a long-standing reputation as Canada’s most innovative university.

2. McGill University

2.McGill University

When it comes to university choice, best and well-known is what students should take into consideration that is why McGill University is perfect for you.

McGill has earned an international reputation for scholarly achievement and scientific discovery. Since it is the only Canadian university that ranked in the top 25 universities in the world for four years straight, McGill was also picked as the top medical-doctoral school in the country in 2008. McGill’s faculty are committed to excellence in teaching as well as bringing their cutting-edge breakthroughs into the classroom. The University offers its 34,000 students unparalleled opportunities to enrich their educational experience through hands-on research, international exchanged, internships, field-study, and study-abroad programs which is why brightest students are attracted to McGill.

1.University of Toronto

1.University of Toronto

Has assembled one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America, The University of Toronto presents top students at all levels with an intellectual environment that unmatched in breadth and depth on any other Canadian campus.

University of Toronto consistently ranks alongside the top five U.S universities whose discoveries are most often cited by other researchers around the world. The University of Toronto faculty are also widely recognized for their teaching strengths and commitment to graduate supervision. Students will have unique opportunities to learn from top researchers as well as able to craft intimate learning communities within a unique undergraduate college system which is the great place to learn and experience for university life.