Top 5 Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews

Do you have a mini project to film a documentary or short educational clip for your assignment? Shooting a good film requires such a skillful camera operator and the crew so that the film produced can be the standard one, so it is not an easy task at all. Filming an ordinary video is hard already let alone to make it very professional. Therefore, all you need is the extra essential accessories required to help to boost the quality of the video. One way to get it is to use this amazing shoulder rig for Blackmagic.

Why do we need this? Of course, the main problem we all aware of while filming is the stability of the video itself. The shoulder rig for Blackmagic does this job for you. It will make sure to help ease the weight of your camera while holding and get you security and stability in holding the camera. As a result, the film produced will be of fantastic, and you will get the praise and the good result of the project.

Comparison Table: Top 10 Shoulder Rig for Blackmagic in 2020!

Sr No. Product Name Weight Product Dimension Review Rating
1 FILMCITY Adventure Rig Kit For Blackmagic Cinema Camera 9.44 Pounds 7.09 * 12.32 * 15.94


2 Neewer DSLR Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit for Camcorder or DSLR Camera 4.29 Pounds 7 * 8 * 14


3 Ikan ELE-PCFLY BMPCC Shoulder Rig (Black) 3.45 Pounds 3.8 * 13.5 * 20.3 inches 3.9/5.0
4 Neewer Camera Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit 3.97 Pounds 4.1 * 8 * 16.5 inches 4.2/5.0
5 NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig 3.3 Pounds 3.94 * 6.69 * 15.35



If you need it one and still make no progress in deciding which is the most suitable for you, here is the list of top 5 best shoulder rig for Blackmagic for you to consider.

1. FILMCITY Adventure Rig Kit For Blackmagic Cinema Camera (FC-05)

The project of filming a short clip or producing a movie is very challenging. All we need to do is to get the best result out of it. We must be well prepared and well equipped with the essential accessories one of which is the rig kit to make the perfect quality of the video. FILMCITY has introduced an amazing rig kit that will do the best for your filming experience. It is fully functional BMCC shoulder rig with designed in flexibility. Its stabilization feature will greatly reduce the vibration effect and unwanted movement making the video quality run smoothly. The custom adjustable soft shoulder pad allows you more comfortability in mounting it on your shoulder and won’t make you get any pain. Its removable top and side flags of the matte box will offer easy storage and be carrying. Moreover, it is also featured with the easy mount capability for follow focus. Here you go with this amazing rig kit for Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

1.Top 5 Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews


2. Neewer DSLR Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit for Camcorder or DSLR Camera

Producing movies or projecting films is quite tough. So to get amazing results we need to have all the essential accessories. And if you are very busy to go out and buy all the parts, have a look at the Neewer DSLR system kit which comes with the railroad system, shoulder mount, and matte box. The matte box helps you adjust side and top flags which helps you in controlling the light in the lens. It also helps you to get rid of the unnecessary stay light.

The industrial rod is made of high-quality aluminum. The aluminum knob is given for the long-lasting screwing and tightening. The shoulder mount helps in alleviating pressure on the shoulder. It also enhances the stabilization when you’re filming. It doesn’t matter if you are veteran or new in filming, this DSLR rig will save your time.

Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews


3. Ikan ELE-PCFLY BMPCC Shoulder Rig (Black)

If you still think that you can’t find the lightest but with high-quality shoulder rig for your filming operation, here is the one you need. The Ikan brand has introduced an amazingly best performance shoulder rig for you. It looks incredibly classic in black. It is ideally designed for Black Magic pocket cinema cameras. It is also featured with the cut out for access to the battery. It is specially designed for the quality with affordable price. An It is well built for solid construction with a lightweight design and maximum quality of the stable video. The distinctive feature of easy disassembles offers you the ease for quick storage. The 15mm rod port included lets you switch between handheld and shoulder-mounted setups by attaching or removing the shoulder pad via the included 12 inches rod.
3.Top 5 Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews


4. Neewer Camera Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit

The Neewer camera rig set system is very light in weight. It’s also portable so you can use it for mobile filming. It also captures smooth and stable sweeping videos of high quality. This rig set system includes: rail rod system, shoulder mount, and Z-shape raised block. Shoulder mount comes with the soft rubber pads which alleviate pressure on the shoulders.

Its customized design helps you in replacing or adding components as per your wish, which helps you, meet your filming needs. Comfortable hand grip ensures better stabilization and easy holding.


Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews


5. NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig

This Neewer DSLR rig system with camcorder chest stabilizer and camera is the handheld platform that provides stability and balance. This kit provides maximum flexibility when shooting both indoors and outdoors. It’s a handy kit and portable as well. Shoulder mount makes it easier to give excellent output without any motion problems or jerks. This shoulder mount eliminates fatigue caused when you try to balance the DSLR or video camera.

This kit can also be fixed to the camera tripod. The dual handgrip provided by this kit allows portable film is making in different conditions and occasions.

Best Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Reviews

Things You Should Consider When Buying the DSLR Shoulder Rig

DSLR shoulder rigs are undoubtedly the most important part of the videographer’s kit. Using a DSLR for the professional filmmaking without stabilization is not a good idea and may render your shoots quite unpleasant.  So before you buy a DSLR shoulder rig kit, consider following things:

1. Design of the Shoulder Mount

There are two types to select from, one that attaches DSLR to top and makes use of metal surfaces and other that makes use of rail system. The rail system has proved to be a better option as it’s adaptable to various scenarios.

2. Type of Shoulder Mount

You need to choose whether you want the offset shoulder mount or the straight shoulder mount. If you have a DSLR which has the articulated display, then the offset shoulder mount would be a great choice. For the fixed type of DSLRs, then you should choose the straight shoulder mount.

3. Weight Management

Most of the DSLR shoulder rigs have chest support or arm. You should select one of the two because the DSLR can get quite heavy. And if you tend to shoot for hours then it causes body pain. So to reduce this pain, go for a rig which has chest support or arm.

4. Counterweight

The rigs get quite heavy if you keep adding extra goodies to access easily to front pockets. So to prevent these heavy front situations, today shoulder rigs come with the counterweight options.

Now you more about the shoulder rigs, right? So before you buy a DSLR shoulder rig consider the things as mentioned above. And make the right choice because shoulder rigs enhance your shooting skills.

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